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Wallcovering CASAMANCE
Rolls of 91 inches x 1 yard
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Wallcovering CASAMANCE
Bado Senshi is feather armour inspired by the Samurai of Japan. The fragile feathers merge into metal plate. Crumpled, cut into a sequin shapes and then glued by hand, the tissue paper is layered and iridescent. Between softness and fragility, Bado wallcovering creates the impression of paper armour.

  • Collection SENSHI

  • Reference 70310204

  • Colors Nacre dore

  • Composition papier sur intissé

  • Width 91 cm / 36 Inches

  • Hauteur brute Sold by meter

  • Weight in g/m² 350

  • VOC standards A+

  • ASTME84 Class A

  • European fire-rating B s1 d0

  • Country of origin Philippines

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