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Elegant fusion of copper tones with green touch

Density and comfort intertwine to create a space that is both modern and inviting. The shades of tawny leather and blond wood harmoniously merge with touches of green, while black outlines a modern and dense connection between these subtle hues. This combination establishes a soothing visual balance, where black acts as a modern feature, drawing a subtle connection between the elements.




The "HYBRIDE" fabric bursts forth as an explosion of creativity. Diagonally traced colorful stripes create a mesmerizing effect, offering unique and assertive color palettes. Printed on exquisite velvet, this fabric inspires the creation of unique and highly personalized armchairs. A touch of truly irresistible creative fantasy for those seeking to inject personality into their space.




The "GRAVITE" jacquard presents a beautifully sophisticated aesthetic with raw-looking lines in delicate contrast with the satin base. This composition creates a remarkable visual dynamic and an astonishing sense of height.

Reveal a remarkable personality with "CAPSULE," a velvet jacquard that reworks geometry in a balanced manner. The squircle trend softens the angles of angular patterns, breathing new life into your armchairs. The carefully chosen color palette completes this balance, offering a unique and captivating aesthetic.






Through the fabrics "HYBRIDE," "GRAVITE," and "CAPSULE," discover the art of combining density and comfort in your decor. The shades of tawny leather, blond wood, green, and black come together to create an elegant palette, while innovative patterns add a touch of creativity and sophistication. Transform your armchairs into unique pieces and express your remarkable personality through these exceptional fabrics.

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