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TRENDS Harmony of sky and earth tones: Horizon blue to Siena Earth

The shades of the sky and the earth converge in a visual symphony where horizon blues blend with bronze, siena earth, soft sand, cotton white, and a touch of khaki. This color combination creates a perfect balance, evoking both the serenity of the infinite sky and the warmth of the supporting earth.

Life is beautiful in Camengo

French editor of furnishing fabrics

Camengo is a French editor of modern and creative fabrics, in bright and luminous colours.  When creating its collections, the brand steps inside and imagines the house as a place of well-being and serenity, to enjoy family-life each day, a cocoon like no other to recharge your batteries and truly feel at home.  More than just decoration, Camengo creates a place of beauty and life where all the elements are in perfect osmosis : luminosity, colours, functional sobriety and a touch of fantasy...The balance is created by blending contemporary lines and soft geometrics, a lush nature and a slight touch of nomadic exoticism.

La vie est belle en Camengo

Camengo offers individuals, professionals and decorators a large choice to suit different decorative styles, both French and international.  Camengo launches new collections of effortless fabrics to dress all the rooms in the house, plains or themed collections, prints, embroideries, textures, ideal for making curtains, cushions, seating, blinds, bed-throws…Camengo also proposes a range of easy-clean, easy-care fabrics.  Many references can also be treated to meet the requirements of restaurants and hotels.

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