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Colour Caramel

The rich caramel comes with soft pinks, a touch of warm carmine red and a lovely sparkling indigo blue. The white adds pure light. The ebony black for a modern and chic touch.







“FARA” embroiders lush banana leaves on a beautiful cotton cloth with great finesse and elegance.  The two-coloured composition is graphic, rich and lively.






The strong embroidery stitches  of “MAGIE” create contrasting highlights, shining and luminous tones, with the same intensity as a paintbrush and pigment…






“FABLE” tells a story embroidered with a thousand details, a stroll with flamingos and hummingbirds amongst the sweetly scented gardenia blooms, the bounteous fruit trees and other plants.  The coloured yarns write sunlit stories on the cotton cloth.

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