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Sky blue, the spring hue inspired by nature

This month, we invite you to softly celebrate the arrival of spring by incorporating a color palette inspired by nature.


The fresh and soft hues of sky blue, lichen green, and bright golden remind us of a spring landscape, natural and bucolic. Pastel colors, floral patterns, and soft, plush materials are perfect choices to create a spring ambiance in your home.

If you're looking for ideas to incorporate these trends into your interior decoration, here are some suggestions using fabrics from the Camengo collection:






The "Parfum d'été" jacquard fabric is a plush fabric that features a lush floral pattern on a sky blue background. This fabric brings a touch of freshness and delicacy to your interior decoration, reminiscent of the sweetness of spring. It can be used for curtains or cushions, adding a touch of lightness to your room.






To add a touch of sophistication to your decoration, the "Himeji" fabric is an excellent choice. This timeless golden striped pattern is perfect for adding a touch of brilliance to your interior. Stripes are often used to create an illusion of height or width, which is perfect for small rooms or rooms with low ceilings.

The "ORSAY" fabric, with its fluffy and plush texture, is perfect for adding comfort and softness to armchairs and sofas. Its white color brings a touch of purity and lightness to the whole, thus creating a fresh and airy atmosphere, like a spring breeze.






Finally, the "KAWAGA" jacquard velvet fabric in lichen green for seats is the final choice to perfect the spring ambiance. Its soft and plush texture brings comfort and warmth to the overall look. Lichen green is a soothing and refreshing color, reminiscent of the color of leaves in spring. Paired with sky blue and golden brown, it creates a harmonious and balanced composition.





The shades of sky blue, lichen green, and bright golden brown are perfect for creating a soft and soothing atmosphere, bringing the romantic lightness and freshness of spring into your home. By using fabrics from the Camengo collection, you can elegantly and sophisticatedly incorporate these trends into your interior decoration.





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