Emerising is a mechanical napping process which takes place prior to dyeing wherein the fabric is passed through finer and finer abrasive rollers (emery paper).  This process is used to give a velvety “peach skin” finish.


Ennobling comprises all chemical or mechanical treatments used on a fabric to give it the characteristics required for its use.  The main processes are dyeing, printing, finishing and coating.  The look, feel and technical properties of the resulting fabric add value which can be functional or decorative.


Embossing is a mechanical finish used to give relief to smooth fabrics or regularity to crepe. The fabric is passed through an engraved metal roller, the negative of the design is engraved on the cylinder.  This technique is especially useful on velvet, silk, acetate and wool but also for synthetic or cellulose based fabrics.  Fabrics can be embossed using the flatbed method – on one side or it can also be double-sided using two-rollers.

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